Dear Sirs!

We are very glad to meet a chance and introduce our company and serviced provided by BBN company.

BBN being survey company operates 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

BBN is a cargo superintendence and surveying company, founded in 1990, with headquarters in Constantza, which represents the interests of its clients in matters related to cargo inspection, marine surveys and able to offer to its partners consultance in matters of port / loading / discharging / handling / storing / transport facilities.

Also you can receive the information on  site www.bbn.ro

In Ukraine, BBN has been represented by BBN Ukraine company since 2008, with offices located in Reni, its head office in Odessa, Izmail, and Nikolaev.

BBN Ukraine is accredited by GAFTA and FOSFA as Superintendent,

The company is a member of the Odessa Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

BBN Ukraine is certified according to ISO 9001-2015 by Bureau Veritas.

BBN Ukraine will also be pleased to provide cargo inspection services in most of the largest exporter-importing countries worldwide through its counterparties, as well as through cooperation agreements with international survey companies. The company is also engaged in the inspection of cargo of chemical fertilizers and pre-loading inspection of the suitability of vessels in accordance with the requirements of AQIS Australia, applicable to the importers of the country.

In Ukraine, BBN Ukraine has been working closely for over 4 years with Moldovan grain exporters in the port of Reni and Giurgiulesti (СRIST-VALG, AGROSTOC, JUST_INVEST, etc.), we are the inspectors of the sender, so the cargo is constantly exported to clients such as BUNGE, CARGILL, COFCO, TRANSGRAIN, LINAS-AGRO, when delivering products for export, due to the specifics of our clients’ contracts, we have to control the quality and quantity of goods at the port of discharge, therefore we are in charge of receiving and controlling the quality of the products sent at the ports of discharge (Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon , Lithuania and others, directly or through our contractors, certified local companies. We do all the necessary analyzes when shipping an export batch of grain, issue all the required certificates. We always use laboratories that are independent and accredited according to FOSFA, GAFTA and European standards, there is no saying that we forged the result in our favor in the interests of the client in our own laboratories (our lab partners are AGMINTEST, Laboratory Pogran Odessa, Institute of Toxicology, laboratory TLR -Holland.

In conclusion, we want to express our sincere hope that in the future you will find our company a reliable partner in the market Surveyor services in Ukraine and in the other countries .

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Sincerely yours.

Director “BBN UKRAINE”.

Marzhin Andrey.


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