This type of inspection includes inspections of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, iron, ferroalloys, scrap metal, coal, sulfur and other mineral raw materials.
Depending on requests, inspections can be carried out in accordance with the requirements of EN, ASTM, IP, API, USEPA, APHA, BS, USFDA, CCFRA, MPI, CODEX, IEC, etc. standards.

  • Confirmation of the presence of cargo
  • Preloading inspection
  • Radiometric control
  • Checking the suitability of ships / vehicles / containers for the transport of goods
  • Monitoring the correctness of loading / unloading in accordance with the terms of the contract
  • Pre-loading inspection of cargo exported to countries under special programs: Iran, Philippines, Indonesia
  • Tally account
  • Sampling and testing
  • Visual inspection of the condition of the cargo (damage, rust)
  • Draft Survey Ship
  • Cargo inspection during storage, warehouse operations
  • Issuance of certificates / relevant documentation
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